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Asin New Wallpaper

Asin New Wallpaper Biography

Birth name            :       Asin Thotunkal
Screen Name        :       Asin
Date of Birth         :       October 26, 1985
Birth Place            :       Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Sign                          :       Scorpio
Height                     :       5’4”
Weight                    :       53 kg
Mother Tongue   :       Malayalam
Lives in                   :       Cochin, Kerala, India
Nationality            :       Indian
Profession             :       Actress
Religion                  :       Christain
Father’s Name     :       Joseph Thotunkal (Businessman & Ex-C.B.I officer)
Mother’s Name   :       Dr. Celine Thotunkal (civil surgeon)
Marital status      :       single
Education              :       B.A. English Literature at St. Teresa’s College, Cochin, Kerala
Likes                        :       Simplicity
Dislike                     :       Dishonesty
Food                           :       Fresh water Fish or prawans fied with kerala rice
Color                          :       Red, black
Cartoon                     :       Tom & Jerry
Other facts               :       Started learning Bharatnatyam from the age of three
Hobbies                     :       Dancing, reading
Languages Known :       Malyalyam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, French
Debut Film               :       Narendra Makan Jayakanthan Vaka (Malyalyam Movie)
Asin Thottumkal who is now known as Asin is a native of Kerala. She was born on 26th October, 1981 in Hyderabad and is the only daughter of her parents Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Celine Joseph. Though her mother tongue is Malayalam, she speaks French, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English. She is a literature student of St. Teresa’s College, Cochin . She was into business and modeling before entering the film industry. Her entry to films was through the Malayalam industry.

During her leisure, Asin spends time reading books. She also loves watching movies and cartoons, especially Tom and Jerry. Her favorite colors are Red and Black. Though we see her in screen in traditional costumes wearing lot of jewels, we will rarely see her off-screen like that. Jeans and Shirts is her favorite attire. She loves Kerela rice and fried fresh water fish. Asin’s principle of success is hard work. She works almost round the clock with utmost sincerity which is fetching her glory.
Asin Thotunkal (born on October 26, 1985) is an Indian film actress. She began her career acting in minor roles as a supporting artist in the Malayalam cinema industry, while also attending an acting studio, to follow her dream to act. After her debut in the Malayalam film industry, she acted in Telugu language films in which Asin gained Indian cinema’s attention in 2003 by playing the role of Vasantha in Shivamani 9848022338 , her first major hit. The Tamil language film, Ghajini, is her first blockbuster, and since then she has acted in over twenty Indian films, with her main intention being Tamil language ventures. She, like many other actors has had a rich upbringing into the industry, with her father, Joseph Thottumkal being a noted businessman & ex-C.B.I officer and her mother, Celine Thottumkal, being a doctor.
She has completed her B.A. English Literature at St. Teresa’s College, Kochi. She has shifted from her home town Kochi to Chennai, where she stays on Harrington Road. Before becoming an actress, she was a part-time model and a businesswoman.
Asin Filmography
* 2008-Vel-Tamil- In Production
* 2008-Ghajini- Hindi-Kalpana-In Production Remake of Tamil film, Ghajini
* 2007-Dasavatharam-Tamil-To Be Released on November 8, 2007
* 2007-Pokkiri-Tamil-Shruti 2007-Aalvar-Tamil-Priya
* 2006-Annavaram-Telugu-Aishwarya
* 2006-Varalaru-Tamil-Divya
* 2005-Sivakasi-Tamil-Hema
* 2005-Majaa-Tamil-Seetha Lakshmi
* 2005-Ghajini-Tamil-Kalpana
* 2005-Ullam Ketkumae-Tamil- Priya
* 2005-Chakram-Telugu-Lakshmi
* 2004-M. Kumaran son of Mahalakshmi-Tamil-Malabar
* 2004-Gharshana-Telugu-Maya
* 2004-Lakshmi Narasimha-Telugu-Rukhmini
* 2003-Shivamani 9848022338-Telugu-Vasantha
* 2003-Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi-Telugu
* 2001-Narendra Makan Jayakanthan Vaka-Malayalam Swathi
Filmfare Best Actress Award(Telugu-2003) : AmmaNannaOTamilaAmmayi-Telugu-Winner
Santosham Best Actress Award: 2003-Shivamani9848022338-Telugu-Vasantha-Winner
MGR-Sivaji Awards: Best Actress 2005
United Artistes of India : Sirandha Nadigai Sirappu Virudhu (Special award for best actress) Tamilnadu Cinema Kalai Mandram: Sirandha Nadigai 2005
Bharath Cine Awards: Best Actress 2005
Filmfare Best Actress Award (Tamil) : 2005-Ghajini-Tamil-Kalpana-Winner

Asin New Wallpaper
Asin New Wallpaper
Asin New Wallpaper
Asin New Wallpaper
Asin New Wallpaper
Asin New Wallpaper
Asin New Wallpaper
Asin New Wallpaper
Asin New Wallpaper

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